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A recent NDMC study showed that undisclosed diamond mixing is only occurring on a small scale

Study shows undisclosed diamond mixing exaggerated

Despite a growing number of undisclosed diamond mixing reports and negative publicity, a new study has found the prevalence of such instances may be exaggerated. Read more »
The diamond industry could benefit from more branding. Image courtesy of De Beers

Call for more diamond brands to increase demand

De Beers Group has highlighted branding and advertising as two areas that the diamond industry needs to take advantage of while demand is strong. Read more »
Consumers often confuse synthetic diamonds with fake diamonds. Image courtesy of AOTC

Drop 'synthetic' label for diamonds, says report

A new report has found that many consumers remain confused about the origin of synthetic diamonds, attributing one of the reasons to the use of the word “synthetic”. Read more »
Bill Sechos, Gem Studies Laboratory Australia

Soapbox & Opinions
Warning: undisclosed synthetics have landed

Lab-created (or synthetic) diamonds have been making headlines within the industry of late; there has been hype surrounding how they will affect the traditional diamond industry and why they still command a high premium price. Most recently, there have been cases where they have not been disclosed and sold as ”natural”.  Read more »
Public interest has intesified for coloured diamonds

Coloured diamonds: the rising stars

More than 110 million carats of diamonds are mined each year but only 2,000 carats are fancy-coloured diamonds. Megan Austin reports on the real rock stars of the gemstone world. 
Read more »


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