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The world's most expensive diamonds

While auction records are frequently broken by some of the world’s most rare and beautiful gemstones, recent sales imply that global demand for diamonds reign supreme. Read more »

The World's Most Famous Diamonds

Many of the world’s most famous diamonds have been lost to history; they were either re-cut as is the case with the most famous diamond of all, the Koh-I-Noor, or their whereabouts is unknown. Read more »
Providing synthetic diamonds are sold with full disclosure and guarantees from a reliable supply chain, there should be no issue

Synthetic diamonds are not the enemy

Do lab-created diamonds really damage the industry “brand” or do they offer an alternative solution for eco-friendly or budget conscious consumers? Megan Austin reports. Read more »

Is the diamond grading system flawed?

Do current diamond grading certificates mislead consumers by not accurately reflecting the quality and beauty of each stone? Jeff Salton investigates if it’s time the industry developed a better grading system. Read more »

Why aren't synthetic diamonds cheaper?

Lab-created synthetic gemstones are available in many varieties at prices well below natural ones, yet synthetic diamonds continue to carry a sharp pricing premium. Neil Beaty explains why lab-created diamonds are priced differently. Subscription required. Read more »

Choosing a beautiful diamond

What makes a diamond beautiful and what makes it sparkle? GARRY HOLLOWAY offers advanced information for those with an existing understanding of diamond properties on how to choose a beautiful diamond. For a more basic run-down on selecting a diamond, click here: Buying A Diamond. Read more »
Round proprietary cut

Round proprietary-cuts

Round proprietary cuts give retailers an extra selling point, but how do they differ from branded generics? GARRY HOLLOWAY explains. Read more »
The proprietary diamond cut

Proprietary diamond cuts: an introduction

Designers of new diamond cuts have long sought to protect their work from copycats. The two main protections are patents, which last for around 20 years, and trademarks. GARRY HOLLOWAY explains. Read more »
The pear cut

Pleasing proportions: the pear cut

Up until 1985, the biggest diamond in the world was the pear-shaped Cullinan I (Greater Star of Africa). GARRY HOLLOWAY, KATHRYN WYATT and KATERINE KOVACS, GAA report on the legendary pear cut. Read more »
The cushion cut

A little bit of padding: the cushion cut

The cushion cut evolved from the Old Mine or Old Miner cuts. Bearing a nostalgic, rounded appearance and a softer brilliance than many of the modern cuts, it's no surprise that it is also known as a pillow or candlelight cut. GARRY HOLLOWAY, KATHRYN WYATT and KATHERINE KOVACS, GAA explain. Read more »
The oval cut

The cut that ruled the world: oval cut

There is no more famous oval-cut diamond than the 108-carat Koh-i-noor. GARRY HOLLOWAY, KATHRYN WYATT and KATHERINE KOVACS, GAA explain. Read more »
The radiant cut

Shiny and new: the radiant cut

The radiant was the first rectangular or square cut to have a complete brilliant facet pattern applied to both the crown and pavilion. GARRY HOLLOWAY, KATE WYATT and KATHERINE KOVACS, GAA explain. Read more »


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