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Feature Stories
An interview with Rapaport, the Diamond Maverick

Martin Rapaport is never short of words when it comes to diamonds. COLEBY NICHOLSON met with the industry nonconformist to discuss the current state of the international diamond market. Read more »

Feature Stories
Synthetic diamond spotlight: part 2

Synthetic diamonds are in focus again with part 2 of a panel discussion tackling the sector's impact on the Australian industry.  Read more »

Feature Stories
Sydney jewellery fair highs and lows

Trading at the 2016 International Jewellery Fair (IJF) reflected tough market conditions but EMILY MOBBS reports the presence of fresh products, initiatives and international visitors should boost optimism. Read more »

Feature Stories
Synthetic diamond spotlight: what does the Aussie industry think?

Synthetic diamonds were a hot topic at the Sydney jewellery fair, with a panel discussion taking place to address how this sector is impacting the local market. Read more »

Fairs and Events
Melbourne jewellery fair attracts serious retailers for 2016

Despite initial reservations, a change in location for this year’s Australian Jewellery Fair didn’t appear to deter serious buyers. EMILY MOBBS reports. Read more »

Feature Stories
Why aren’t all pink diamonds equal?

No gemstone on earth commands attention quite like the pink diamond, but successful identification and continuing production is raising challenges across the entire industry. BRANKO DELJANIN, DR ADOLF PERETTI and MATTHIAS ALESSANDRI report. Subscription required. Read more »

Feature Stories
10 things Jeweller learned in 2013

As the industry prepares for a new year of trading, Jeweller reflects on the major issues reported in 2013. Read more »
September Issue Out Now

Marketing jewellery to women

Retailers who ignore female shoppers do so at their own peril as the fairer sex are estimated to make 80 per cent of all purchasing decisions. Learn the sales and marketing secrets required to lure women.
Read more »

Why aren't synthetic diamonds cheaper?

Lab-created synthetic gemstones are available in many varieties at prices well below natural ones, yet synthetic diamonds continue to carry a sharp pricing premium. Neil Beaty explains why lab-created diamonds are priced differently. Subscription required. Read more »
Natural vs man-made: the heated debate

Lab-created diamond debate heats up

The technology for lab-created diamonds has officially arrived – heralded by companies like Gemesis Diamond Company – and although presenting new opportunities for the jewellery industry, it also raises a number of ethical and control issues. Read more »


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