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Winners were announced during the Gold Coast jewellery fair
Winners were announced during the Gold Coast jewellery fair

Inaugural Jewellery Industry Award winners announced

The contributions of individuals and businesses within the jewellery industry have been recognised at an inaugural awards ceremony held during the Gold Coast jewellery show. 

The Jewellery Industry Awards (JIA), presented on Sunday 23 March 2014 at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, were launched by fair organiser Expertise Events and focused on the people and businesses that make up the industry, rather than solely recognising jewellery design. 
According to Australian Jewellery Fair business manager Daniel Heather, “The jewellery industry is made up of fantastic and dedicated people, and the awards were created specifically to acknowledge and recognise both individuals and businesses who give so much of their time and energy to the industry.”
The awards were divided into four categories: retailers, suppliers, open and retailer’s choice. Winners of the first three categories were decided by a judging panel of independent industry experts comprising Gemmological Association of Australia president Katrina Marchioni, Australian retail marketing specialist Deb Templar, OAM Diamonds International Award winner Ann Middleton and Jeweller editor Coleby Nicholson. The fourth category was determined by the popular vote of Australian-based jewellery retailers and suppliers.
Ian Sharp, director of Ian Sharp Jewellery Craftsmanship, which won the award for best retail window/merchandise display, praised the competition as being “great for the industry as a whole”, pointing out that “jewellery is just one aspect of the business”. 
“The awards help to connect people within the industry and create an element of prestige and aspiration, something that I think the jewellery industry has lacked in recent years,” Sharp said. 
“There are a lot of egos and people like to compete, but this is a way of bringing everyone together.”
Ian Brookes, director of EverettBrookes Jewellers, winner of the 2014 best large jewellery retailer award, said that it was exciting to gain recognition for the hard work the Adelaide-based store had put into its customer service. 
“We’ve only been operating for five years so we’re essentially building up our reputation as we go,” Brookes said. “We’ve worked really hard on our customer service and have tried to provide additional services that wouldn’t necessarily be considered ‘traditional’. We have a liquor license for example, and we invite men in to the store to help them design engagement rings.”
The categories for 2015 are expected to be announced shortly. 

EverettBrookes Jewellers
EverettBrookes Jewellers
Ian Sharp Jewellery Craftsmanship
Ian Sharp Jewellery Craftsmanship
Jewels of the Kimberley
Jewels of the Kimberley


2014 Jewellery Industry Award winners

Best large jewellery retailer: EverettBrookes Jewellers 
Best small jewellery retailer: QUORRA  
Best retail window/merchandise display: Ian Sharp Jewellery Craftsmanship
Best enduring jewellery product: Jewels of the Kimberley
Best new jewellery product: Swarovski International Australia and New Zealand 
Best after-sales customer service: Jewels of the Kimberley
Jewellery retail/product marketing award: Jewellery By Design
Industry innovation award: Q Report
Best jewellery supplier: Palloys Group
Best Sales Reps:
NSW/ACT: Steve Hopkins, Sam’s Group
QLD/NT: Lincoln Allsopp, Bolton Gems
VIC: Marisa Palmieri, Imajpak
TAS: Colin Berger, Ronnie Shabtay
SA: Marco Bracci, Nomination Australia
WA: Carolyn Elliott, Pastiche
NZ: Michael Carby, Worth & Douglas 
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