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Robert Cavalli's bold and design-forward SS 2012 campaign embodies all elements of Swarovski's 2013 trends
Robert Cavalli's bold and design-forward SS 2012 campaign embodies all elements of Swarovski's 2013 trends

Top Jewellery Trends for 2013

Swarovski Gems' annual Gem Visions has been published. Now in its 10th year, Gem Visions forecasts global trends including the latest trends in jewellery design. What might customers be seeking in the coming year.

Swarovski Gems' ‘vision’ is about precision, light, brilliance, and colour that inspire ingenuity and innovation, and bring creative visions to life. They are said to lift the gemstone onto a new, dynamic level as a work of art in its own right.

Phew! Heady stuff, eh? So, what can we expect this year?

Swarovski Gems is the trade division of the company that manufactures and sells loose gemstones and created stones to jewellery designers and manufacturers but does not supply finished jewellery and according to Swarovski Gems, the focus for 2013 will be on bright, fluorescent colours with a bold and rich colour palette.

The company’s experts have defined the megatrends as:
•    True luxury: the hunger for luxury in emerging markets;
•    Owner less: fractional ownership, sharing and leasing lifestyles;
•    Digital marketing: the influence of augmented reality;
•    DIY robotic lab: the client’s involvement in the design process through the immediacy of new technology; and
•    Womanity: the new ideals of femininity.

In the world of jewellery, Swarovski’s experts see the focus shifting away subtly from complex design onto the rare, important gemstone itself, and gem as the ultimate one-of-a-kind possession, made even more appealing by its investment potential.

Designs will be more daring and have a conviction that drives the escalating quest for ingenuity and innovation, along with a fresh wave of inspirations.

The gurus say the inspirations can come femininity, super-technology, from myth and fable, or from the jewel’s intimate relationship with the body.

So, let’s cut to the chase … the Gem Visions 2013 trends are categorised into five sections: Origin, Goddess, Take Time, Toxic Attraction and Outer Space.

In a nutshell, Origin grasps a primitive theme featuring calm tones, whereas Goddess connects adventure with a daring colour range.

Toxic Attraction and Take Time are two of the bolder directions of 2013, featuring strong, pronounced themes of sexual attraction and heritage, respectively. Outer Space is the direction that continues on from 2012’s predictions, zeroing in on the virtual world.    


Origin encompasses gentle, neutral colours that capture purity, harmony and serenity. This style will evoke feelings of balance and comfort. Inspired by modern minimalism and natural materials, the elegance of Origin will illustrate sophistication and beauty.

Designed to honour age and experience, the organic style of Origin expresses life in the slow lane. Colours such as beige, grey, camel, taupe will meet “Antarctica blues” to embrace a meditative mood.

Goddess takes inspiration from the Silk Road and travelling from Byzantium to India, it captures modern “womanity”. Goddess is a celebration of power through bold patterns and vibrant colours with the emphasis on green and amber tones.

Surrounding oriental influences and contemporary design, this direction releases sensual and exotic feelings through warm, rich colours.

Motivated by the eternal feminine and Coco Chanel’s love of Byzantine jewellery, Goddess is a spicy, affluent collection of Swarovski gems.

Take time
Take Time reflects on a lost era, it is a trend that will rediscover family heritage. It focuses on the faded elegance and grandeur of a vanished society. Although encapsulating a strong Gothic flare, Take Time has a flavour of modernism. This collection is a composition of dark and poetic colours such as charcoal black, smokey greys, carbon blues and deep purples.

Inspiration was drawn from heraldic crests, medals and jeweled orders of a past time, producing themes of nobility and modern romance. Take Time instills a sense of sacredness as well as exploring complex and ghostly stories.

Toxic Attraction
Toxic Attraction indulges in a passionate and daring style and design that showcases drama and glamour. Using wild and provocative colours such as blood red, shocking pink and rich jade green, Toxic Attraction speaks of danger and sensuality.
Influenced by the growing impact of Asian markets and their flow from east to west, this trend direction is based on traditional costume and Asian culture. Aggressive and erotic, Toxic Attraction is a bold and seductive expression of line and form.

Outer space
Outer Space fuses science, astronomy and mathematics into one style of jewellery. Based on the universe and an enhanced reality twisted with radical visionary, Outer Space is designed to inspire.

It explores new materials by blending metals with silks and also combats linear and digital themes. While being innovative and dynamic, Outer Space also has a retro-futuristic, experimental flare.

Gemstones in this range combine a palette of pastel pinks, blues and greens with brave and sharp tones such as grey and black.


Summing up…

The Swarovski Gem Visions 2013 publication captures moments, moods, trends and style shifts. The company has produced jewellery pieces with engaging stories tied with emotion. Through Swarovski’s years of experience and skill its jewellery captures innovation, dedication and perfection as it looks ahead to an exciting year.

Here’s hoping your customers connect with catalogue and agree with Swarovski’s predictions for the year ahead.

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