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Chemgold's highest level of quality and the low impact.
Chemgold's highest level of quality and the low impact.


Chemgold’s 30 years of environmentally friendly processes.

Chemgold has taken every measure to protect its staff and the environment by importing state of the art Kilns from Japan and Germany. These furnaces are built into an exhaust system that have an After Burner and advanced technology in turn they release complete non-smell and non-pollution.

In terms of ethical practises, they guarantee the gold use is either from their refinery that uses processes jewellers scrap or fresh metal from Australian mines or reputable bullion dealers in Australia or Europe.

All precious metal casting that are utilise come from all current recycling methods available in the market.

Chemgold maintains a very low impact on the environment by means of steam dewaxing. This means that they remove the wax by boiling water in a steam chamber and removing it before loading the flasks into these furnaces.

Chemgold employs Veolia Australia to look after their waste management and recycling. The slurry waste from investing and casting is filtered so that none of it ends up in the sewerage system.

Chemgold offers several services to the jewellery industry, including CAD/CAM, 3D printing and casting.

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Unit 37
34 - 36 Ralph Street
NSW, Australia, 2015
Phone: 1300 984 751
Fax: 02 9698 3130

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Wednesday, 19 June, 2019 07:07pm
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