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Jeweller magazine leads the world

Jeweller has continued to cement its position as one of the world’s leading jewellery and watch industry magazines.

Already recognised as the number-one industry magazine in Australia and New Zealand, Jeweller has now moved into the #2 position worldwide.

Alexa, the global ranking system for analysing website readership, now ranks Australia’s Jeweller ahead of all other business-to-business jewellery and watch magazines except for the US’s JCK.

Jeweller's ranking on Alexa as at 20 Oct 2020. 

According to Alexa, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amazon, Jewellermagazine.com leads the world in the most important website metrics, including ‘Time Spent’, ‘Page Views’ and ‘Bounce Rate’.

Time Spent measures the average time in minutes that a visitor spends on the website each day; the more time, the better the site’s ranking.

Alexa records Jewellermagazine.com as averaging well over 25 minutes, while other sites average between 2–4 minutes. This figure exceeds all other industry magazines worldwide!

Page Views is another measure of success and which correlates with Time Spent. The greater the number of articles a visitor reads, the more successful the website, because it can be inferred that the reader finds the content valuable to their business.

"According to Alexa, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amazon, Jeweller also leads the world in a number of important website metrics, including ‘Time Spent’, ‘Page Views’ and ‘Bounce Rate’."

At the time of writing, Jeweller’s number of Page Views was 14 while other magazines only recorded 1–3 Page Views per visitor.

Perhaps the most important measure of any website’s success is the metric known as Bounce Rate. This calculation takes into account the percentage of visits to a site that consist of a single page view, only.

In other words, a visitor lands on a page and then immediately leaves the site with no further reading (engagement). The higher the Bounce Rate percentage, the worse the site is ranked because it means readers are less engaged in the articles.

With a Bounce Rate of only 27 per cent, Australia’s Jeweller outperforms industry magazines in countries with much larger populations, such as the UK, US and India. Most trade magazines have Bounce Rates of 60-80 per cent, which indicates little engagement with the reader. 

It should be noted that website statistics and performance are dynamic and can change daily, subject to a number of variables. However, Jeweller’s trend has been on a steady rise for some time – especially since the publication increased its frequency during the COVID-19 pandemic, publishing twice per month, unlike other titles which went into “hibernation”.

In fact, not only is Jeweller ranked #2 in the world for business-to-business industry magazines, it is ranked the 1,205 most popular website in Australia.

At the same time, Jeweller’s social media presence further dominated competing magazines, with world-leading Facebook activity (26,500 followers) and eMag versions now boasting nearly 12 million reads.

RANKING THE World's Top 10 Jewellery INDUStry Magazines

The above chart shows Alexa Rankings as at 20 October 2020 for the Top 10 jewellery and watch industry magazines. A site’s ranking is based on a combined measure of Unique Visitors and Page Views, noting that multiple requests for the same URL on the same day by the same user are counted as a single Page View. Jeweller's bounce rate is the lowest of any industry title in the world; a higher bounce rate percentage means readers exit the site without triggering any other request for articles/content.

Note: Websites that also act as trading and/or product selling platforms are not included.

Jeweller's eMag Readership

The eMag version of Jeweller has become very popular recording nearly 12 million reads.

Click to view full library of the monthly magazine.

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