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Read before you buy: the ultimate guide to fancy colour diamonds

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Harsh Maheshwari, director Kunming Diamonds

Tavernier Blue Diamond

Hope Blue Diamond

Dresden Green Diamond

Aurora Green Diamond

Left to Right: Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond, Oppenheimer Blue

Darya-i-Noor Pink Diamond

Moussaieff Red Diamond

Pink Star Diamond

The 27 Hues of Colour Diamonds - Wheel Reference Chart, Source: GIA

Moon of Baroda Yellow Diamond

Eureka Yellow Diamond

Tiffany Yellow Diamond

Koi Diamond

Orange Diamond

Graff Vivid Yellow Diamond

L to R: Ajay Maheshwari, founder with son and director Harsh Maheshwari

Founder of Kunming Ajay Maheshwari (center) with sons Harsh Maheshwari director (left), and Shubham Maheshwari marketing director (right).

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