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A new study shows consumers expect an omni-channel model

Multi-channel shopping – more than just hype

Omni-channelling or muti-channel shopping is shaping up as the retailing of the future. Abbe Miller explains what it is, why it’s important and why retailers should start omni-channelling as soon as possible. Subscription required. Read more »
Use relatable stories to grab your customers attention

Tips on Selling
Selling with success stories

The best way to convert prospects into customers is to empathise with their needs and then show how products can solve those needs. AmyK Hutchens says the best way to do that is by using relatable stories. Subscription required. Read more »

Feature Stories
25 ways to avoid looking dumb on Pinterest

As a social media platform dedicated to picture sharing, Pinterest is an ideal place for retail jewellers and suppliers to market their ranges. Danielle Cormier discusses how to use it the right way. Subscription required. Read more »
A customer’s reluctance to engage is often caused by staff actions

Tips on Selling
Oh, no not the dreaded 'May I help you?'

First impressions are critical so what should retailers do when a customer initially walks into their store? Stephanie Chan investigates how best to greet customers without using the phrase, “May I help you?” Read more »

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Wednesday, 13 November, 2019 09:08am
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