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Free Watch Trends eMag
Free Watch Trends eMag

Watch It: Free eMag on 2013 Watch Trends

Click to read our free eMag for the latest on men's watch trends that range from sleek and classic to bold and high-tech.

Jeweller's free eMag has news about the latest trends in men’s watches as well as a report on the advancement of smart watches that are hot on the scene. It also has news about the rumoured Apple iWatch that could change the international watch market.  

Watch out boys

The men's watch market is being stimulated by the growth of men's jewellery. Watch suppliers around the world are embracing the trends


The social media revolution is spurring what could be the next phase of the watch evolution. Read our report on the emerging new breed of high-tech players.

Will Apple launch an iWatch?

It wouldn't be the first time a computer company entered the watch market, but if Apple launches the iWatch, could it be a game changer?

iWatch out for the next game-changer

Rumours are rife about Apple launching an iWatch and it wouldn't be the first time a computer company entered the watch market; Microsoft tried and failed. Jeweller asks, 'Would an Apple iWatch be a game changer?'

Saturday, 26 May, 2018 11:27pm
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