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Bricks-and-mortar stores must master digital marketing

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Increase store visits with digital marketing

Omnishoppers account for a large portion of modern consumer groups and, while they may often shop online, there is no reason this cannot be converted to visits in-store. LAURA DAWSON explains how. Read more »
Determine the business’ end goal to analyse social media success

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Determining social media marketing success

Analysing the success of a business’ social media marketing campaign cannot be done solely by monitoring profit or revenue. MANDY EDWARDS looks to marketing insights when assessing success. Read more »
Getting words onto the page is the first step to success

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Creating outstanding blog content

It can be tough and time-consuming to generate fresh, original content for websites and blogs. BETH WALKER shares strategies that can help the process. Read more »
A website’s page title and description will impact web traffic

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How to write for SEO (and why it matters)

SEO remains a necessary part of retail marketing and writing for search engine optimisation starts with a strong page title and description. SIMON DELL reports. Read more »
Curating content can help retailers establish their authority

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Attract new audiences with curation

Adding organic content is important but a mix of online content can help businesses ease the pressure to keep fans updated. LILIAN SUE discusses some online tools that can help. Read more »
Retailers don’t have to spend a ton to attract new customers

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Attract new customers for free

Online marketing doesn’t need to be an expensive pursuit. HARSH AJMERA discusses cost-effective ways to make the most of social media platforms. Read more »
Judging vanity metrics on Instagram: Is it still vanity if it works?

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Crunch the numbers: understand your social media data

Businesses that understand how to interpret social media data can unlock valuable customer insights. In part two of this series on Instagram marketing, MELISSA MEGGINSON shows how to use data to make better decisions. Read more »
Define your brand voice before filling your Instagram feed

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Reach more customers with Instagram

Instagram is a great tool to build connections and engage with people but consistency is key. MELISSA MEGGINSON reports on how retailers can use a few simple tools to get in on this important phenomenon. Read more »
What’s the best way to be conversational on social media?

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How social media can help retail businesses

Successful social media requires careful consideration. Digital marketing consultant SIMON DELL lists the questions that firms should ask before launching online content strategies. Read more »
Jewellers can create and distribute exclusive custom filters

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Adding snapchat to your retail marketing strategies

Greater brand awareness, customer loyalty and engagement – and 178 million users worldwide – are just some of the reasons retailers should add snapchat to their marketing strategies in 2018. JARED STANTON reports. Read more »

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Retail tools to ease the Christmas rush

The festive season is chaotic but there is a plethora of digital staff collaboration tools to help businesses stay organised and running smoothly this christmas. LILIAN SUE reports. Read more »

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Don't make these social media mistakes: Part 2

In a continuation of last month’s column, ALFRED LUA from social media management platform buffer discusses even more ways that businesses can learn from the errors of others. Read more »


Wednesday, 23 January, 2019 08:38am
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