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The Resurgence of Pearls

The word is out: the timeless pearl has had a serious fashion transformation. TALIA PAZ reports on the latest trends set to emerge within the pearl-jewellery category this year. Read more »

Stringing together pearl sales

As the market for pearls expands, the challenge for retailers is knowing how best to capitalise on potential sales. Emily Mobbs seeks advice on pearl retailing. Subscription required. Read more »
While they might not be as expensive or valuable as their round  counterparts, Mabe pearls are exquisite in their own right

Feature Stories
Mabe pearls treasures of the deep

High profile jewellery photographer Richard Weinstein and travel writer Kris Madden were invited to Vietnam to witness first-hand the country’s thriving Mabe pearl industry. Here is their account. Read more »

Saltwater Pearls - The Facts

A saltwater pearl is a pearl produced by a saltwater mollusk in a saline environment. Read more »
A South Sea pearl

South Sea Pearls – The Facts

A South Sea pearl is pearl produced by the Pinctada maxima mollusk. They are currently cultured in areas throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans, primarily in Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar. Read more »

Tahitian Pearls – The Facts

Tahitian pearls are bead-nucleated pearls grown in the gonad of the Pinctada margaritifera mollusk in French Polynesia. Read more »

Cortez Pearls – The Facts

Cortez pearls are pearls grown in the Pinctada maxima and Pteria sterna mollusks in the Gulf of California. Read more »

Keshi Pearls – The Facts

A keshi pearl is a non-beaded pearl formed by accident as a by-product of a pearl culturing operation. Read more »

Cultured Pearls – The Facts

A cultured pearl is any pearl grown with the influence of human intervention. Read more »

Pearl Types

Know your pearls! There are essentially three types of pearls: natural, cultured and imitation. Read more »

The History of Pearls

Pearls are an amazing gem. They have a fascinating history and have been prized and collected for more than 4000 years, giving them the title of the world's oldest gem. Read more »

Freshwater Pearls – The Facts

Freshwater pearls are pearls which grow in non-saline environment in freshwater mussels. Read more »


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