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Are you a jewellery industry wholesaler wanting to increase sales and expand your business?

There is only one place to reach the entire Australian and New Zealand industries in a cost-effective way and that’s via Jeweller’s print and digital services.

As the only publication with:

 #1 monthly print magazine
• #1 Australasian website
• #1 engaged jewellery website in the world
• Digital Showrooms
• Weekly email newsletters
• Digital marketing and eMag strategies

Jeweller is a valuable reference tool positioned as a must-read for jewellery retailers, buyers, store owners and managers.

The print magazine is distributed nationally to a well-targeted database of key decision-makers who purchase and specify jewellery products including watches.

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* Alexa Global Ranking as at 27 Jan 2022


Not only is Jeweller the #1 industry magazine in Australia and New Zealand by far, it's ranked #1 in the world by Alexa, the global website traffic ranking system for analysing online readership and engagement.

According to Alexa, Jeweller's taffic ranks better than many UK and US jewellery industry publications: the daily time spent on is more than 25 minutes while other business-to-business websites average between 2–5 minutes in engagement.


influential Audience

When it comes to gaining the attention of key decision makers, Jeweller delivers a waste-free media option and an ideal platform to help suppliers increase sales and deliver that market-share edge.



The annual Suppliers Directory is the "Bible" of the Australian and New Zealand jewellery industries.

Published every January, it’s the #1 directory for retailers looking for new products and new suppliers.

Weighing one kilogram and with:

 • More than 380 pages
 • Listing 480 wholesalers and suppliers
 • More than 180 product categories
 • Over 500 brands

It is distributed nationally to a well-targeted database of jewellery retailers and buyers.

To be included in the 2022 Suppliers Directory and Annual Watch Guide click here.


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