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About Jeweller 

Jeweller is Australia and New Zealand's #1 industry magazine. As the jewellery industry authority since 1996, and as the only monthly business magazine and website, Jeweller is essential reading for key decision makers including for storeowners, managers and jewellery buyers.

Our diverse range of media brings jewellery buyers and jewellery wholesalers together and is an invaluable ‘partner’ to anybody with an interest in profiting from the sale of jewellery and watches.

Our website, jewellermagazine.com ranks in the world’s Top 5 jewellery industry websites in the world, with higher readership than other websites in much larger markets and countries, such as the US and UK.

As the industry authority our mission is to inform and educate our audience on important trends and developments impacting their jewellery businesses as well as offer comprehensive editorial coverage on ways to improve sales and profitability.



The primary readership of Jeweller is jewellery retailers - independent jewellery stores and chain stores. The secondary audience is jewellery suppliers– i.e. companies that wish to market their products and services to retail buyers.

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SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY - Australasia's #1 Trade Directory

The Suppliers Directory is the "Bible" of the Australian and New Zealand jewellery industries.

With more than 180 product categories, 480 company listings and 700 brands, it's the ultimate reference source for jewellery retailers and buyers looking for new products and new suppliers.

The Suppliers Directory also contains our unique Hard To Find product categories allowing buyers to easily locate that more difficult to source merchandise. It also includes the Annual Watch Guide, listing all watch companies and brands distributed in Australia and New Zealand.

Weighing one kilogram and published every January, the Suppliers Directory is Australasia’s #1 trade directory and is distributed nationally to a well-targeted database of retailers and jewellery buyers.

Although listings are free, in order to maintain the credibility and integrity of the information listings are available to principal suppliers on an ‘invitation-only' basis.

Any business 'worth its salt' is listed, however the Publisher is under no obligation to include a company or its products especially if the business or listing are not deemed valid, suitable or legitimate.

For more information about the 2020 Suppliers Directory or the Annual Watch Guide click here



Jeweller's online business model is unique. Rather than maintain an exclusive business-to-business approach, the editorial content and coverage online is expanded to cater for consumers interested in jewellery.

Therefore, visitors to jewellermagazine.com can gain knowledge and information about consumer and/or business related jewellery matters.

Whether you are consumer looking for ideas for a jewellery item – from rings and bangles to charms and watches - or if you're a business actively involved in the jewellery industry, we have something for you!


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