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About Jeweller 

Since launching in 1996, Jeweller has been recognised as the #1 industry magazine in Australia and New Zealand.

Alexa, the global ranking system for analysing website traffic and readership, ranks well above its industry competitors.

Better still, Feedspot, the independent content reading service, ranks Jeweller #3 in the world.

Our primary readership is the key-decision makers of independent jewellery stores, as well as chain store product buyers; those retail buyers responsible for product selection. Jeweller’s secondary audience is industry wholesalers and suppliers – i.e. companies that wish to market their products and services to the retail buyers.

We hold the most complete and comprehensive database of key-decision makers in the Australia and New Zealand jewellery industries which includes:

• Influencers – staff who influence product purchasing decisions
• Initiators – staff who decide to begin a buying proposal
• Deciders – management who make final purchasing decisions
• Buyers – staff who negotiate and order product from suppliers

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As the only voice of the industry, Jeweller prides itself on delivering the latest news and trends as well as comprehensive investigative articles and in-depth industry analysis.

Recent examples include:

» 2020 State of the Industry Report: 10-year analysis of jewellery chains 
» 2020 Jewellery Buying Groups Report: who best suits your needs?
» The next normal: retail in the post-COVID environment
» Lessons from COVID lockdown: facing the future of retail
» Coping with Coronavirus: comprehensive retail survival guide



Our mission is to inform and educate our audience on important trends and developments impacting their jewellery businesses as well as ideas and ways to increase sales and profitability. is one of the largest worldwide sources of news and education for the jewellery industry, with access to more than 8,000 specialty feature articles archived over 15 years.

Our articles are featured and referenced by other respected industry publications such as Rapaport, JCK, Idex, Instore and WatchPro.

Moreover, our digital eMag versions have had close to 12 million views, and our website is frequented by over 45k unique visitors each month.

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The annual Suppliers Directory is the "Bible" of the Australian and New Zealand jewellery industries.

Published every January, it’s the #1 directory for retailers looking for new products and new suppliers.

Weighing one kilogram and with:

• More than 360 pages
• Listing 480 wholesalers and suppliers
• More than 180 product categories
• Over 700 brands

It is distributed nationally to a well-targeted database of jewellery retailers and buyers.

For more information about the 2020 Suppliers Directory and Annual Watch Guide – or to be included in the 2021 edition, click here.


The Great Diamond Debate  issues

'The Great Diamond Debate' is a collection of special edition publications covering the international diamond market.

They have attained enormous readership and respect worldwide - the digital versions have achieved more than 90k impressions, in addition to the print editions.

Read: The Great Diamond Debate I: Natural vs Synthetic »

Read: The Great Diamond Debate II: Fact vs Fiction » 

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