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How to survive the “Battle of the bots”

Online mega-retailers have integrated technology into their business models that attack and block competitors. CHRIS PETERSEN says every retailer should understand these tactics and how they affect bottom lines. Read more »
Sometimes more isn’t always what’s best

More can be awesome, less might be better

Our drive to want more of everything, from social media to material goods, can distract us from our drive for meaning. AMYK HUTCHENS explains why sometimes more is less and less is more. Read more »
Unmotivated employees are a challenge

The myth of motivation in retail

Can managers motivate employees? DOUG FLEENER believes those who lack the motivation to succeed cannot be taught to do so. Read more »
Build a transparent and positive culture

Five signs it's time to change culture

A poor workplace culture can affect performance and lead to high staff turnover. CHRIS HALLBERG discusses ways that retailers can turn this around. Read more »

Secret sauce for increased store conversion

Behind every good store is a good manager and behind every good manager is a good process. CHRIS PETERSEN discusses how managers can improve their team’s sales conversions by using service to enhance the in-store experience. Read more »
A support network is invaluable for all

The power of a mentor

In this digital age, never before could the old maxim ‘cant see the forest for the trees’ be true however, solving some challenges of business can be as simple as hiring a mentor. DAVID BROWN reports. Read more »
Leaders need to ‘own’ all obstacles

There are two types of retail leaders - which one are you?

You don’t change staff behaviours and actions by talking about it; you change it by driving development daily. DOUG FLEENER outlines how to become a better sales-growth leader and coach. Read more »

The power of negative feedback

Feedback isn’t only about praise. Managers who become too concerned with building happy workplaces can overlook the importance of constructive and negative feedback on staff performance. JUSTIN REYNOLDS reports. Read more »
Fear can actually be a retailer’s ally

Fear: It's a retailer's best friend

Fear can be a powerful motivator for leaders as it spurns activity and rationalises decision-making. PAUL KEIJZER details how retailers can utilise this tool for good. Read more »
Are customers giving you 1-star ratings?

7 reasons customers are abandoning you

Perhaps you worked hard for years to build a loyal customer base, and now your customers are leaving your store in droves. STEVE DIGIOIA discusses what could have went wrong. Read more »
Ask customers for suggestions on how to improve service

Refresh your customer service

Retailers can obtain useful information when asking customers for suggestions. RICH KIZER & GEORGANNE BENDER call it their big question: “What one thing could we do to improve our customer care?” Read more »
Product assortment is a key factor

Use your data to boost loyalty and sales

Retailers in search of ways to boost loyalty and encourage repeat shopping need only look to their existing data for answers. Effective customer loyalty strategies can lead to extra sales. BRYAN PEARSON reports. Read more »


Wednesday, 23 January, 2019 07:46am
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