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Jewellery trends past, present and future

When it comes to jewellery trends, there’s no denying that gemstone, colour and style play a key role – the trick is trying to detect which of these will be popular at any given time.

Thankfully there are companies – often described as “trend experts” – that dedicate much effort and resource into the forecasting of trends expected to influence fashion and jewellery design.  
Colour authority Pantone and gemstone manufacturer Swarovski Gems are globally renowned for being at the forefront of such predictions, releasing seasonal reports.

Pantone’s biannual colour reports are launched for autumn and spring, with a variety of hues having taken centre stage in previous seasons.

Similarly, Swarovski Gems produces an annual trend forecast that predicts the gemstone fads – including colours and cuts – expected to inspire designers. The reports provide comprehensive insight into world trends and how to apply these to jewellery styles.

Jeweller has been documenting these trend forecasts for some time and has gathered the articles from the past three years to show how styles have developed. It might even help readers to foretell the next jewellery movement themselves.

Using the past and current reports presented below, why not have a go at forecasting the colour trends of the future?

Pantone: The world leader in colour

Pantone 2016 autumn jewellery trend shakeup

If Pantone’s latest colour trend forecast is any indication, then jewellery designs for the upcoming season may involve a move away from ‘typical’ autumn hues. Read more.




A jeweller’s guide to 2016 Pantone spring trends

Described as transcending cultural and gender norms, Pantone’s spring colour forecast embraces man-made and natural beauty. So what does this mean for the jewellery industry? Read more.




Pantone 2015 autumn jewellery trend guide

Pantone has released 10 autumn shades – described as being “androgynous” in nature – set to influence jewellery trends this coming season. Read more.




Pantone influences 2015 jewellery trends

Pantone has sprung ahead to the colour trends for spring 2015 where the forecast appears to be decidedly cool, calm and collected. Read more.



Pantone's 2014 autumn colours inspire jewellery trends

“Unexpected” and “unconventional” are words that have been used to describe Pantone’s 2014 autumn colour palette – an assortment of shades expected to inspire jewellery and fashion trends for the upcoming season. Read more.



2014 spring colour trends for jewellery

While spring this year has only just arrived, Pantone is already looking ahead, having just released its guide to the upcoming Northern Hemisphere spring 2014 colour trends. Read more.



2013 autumn colour trends

It wasn’t long ago we were reviewing Pantone’s spring colour palette. Now, we discuss the moody autumn palettes of 2013. Read more.




2013: A guide to next season's fashion colours

Pantone, the company recognised globally as an authority on colour standards for the design industry, has released its regular next season’s colour palette which could provide a valuable insight into 2013 consumer jewellery trends. Read more.



Swarovski Gems: the jewellery experts

Find the megatrend: 2017 jewellery forecast

The latest edition of the renowned Swarovski Gemstones trend forecast, designed to inspire jewellery designers, retailers and consumers, has arrived. Read more.



Unveiled: 2016 jewellery trend forecast

The latest edition of Swarovski Gemstones’ annual forecast of design trends has been released. In 2016, the over-arching theme is said to have evolved from those of previous years to present. Read more.



Hottest jewellery trends for 2015

Swarovski Gems has revealed its highly anticipated jewellery trend forecast for 2015, where the concept of modernity seems to reign supreme. Read more.




Top bridal jewellery trends for 2015

Swarovski Gems has expanded its renowned Gem Visions service by releasing a publication that explores outside the realm of broad jewellery trends, and focuses on one special theme: bridal. Read more.



4 best jewellery trends for 2014

Swarovski Gems’ release of its annual Gem Visions report is sure to have tongues wagging as the company profiles jewellery trends for 2014 in a stunning collection of gemstones and jewellery design. Read more.



Top jewellery trends for 2013

Swarovski Gems' annual Gem Visions has been published. Now in its 10th year, Gem Visions forecasts global trends including the latest trends in jewellery design. What might customers be seeking in the coming year. Read more.


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