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The Ring of Fire was presented in New York and also featured in Rapaport Magazine
The Ring of Fire was presented in New York and also featured in Rapaport Magazine

Aussie pearl supplier gains international exposure

Australian supplier Nash Pearls has taken to the world stage, having been selected to participate in a jewellery event in New York and subsequently featured in Rapaport Magazine.

Ring of Fire featured in Rapaport Magazine
Ring of Fire featured in Rapaport Magazine
Three pieces from the Lust Pearls range – the supplier’s branded pearl jewellery offering – were displayed at a US-based function organised by the Cultured Pearl Association of America and held in November.

Nash Pearls CEO Jill Hansen said the purpose of the event was to showcase international diamond jewellery trends to marketing and media professionals, explaining that the inclusion of Lust Pearls eventuated through an industry contact. 

She added that the items, which included a ring and two bracelets incorporating diamonds and pearls, were amongst approximately 30 pieces on display.

“The feedback at the luncheon was very strong,” Hansen said. “Those in attendance were impressed with the design, balance and feel of the pieces and the magical impact the diamonds had by being placed directly into the pearl to give it that extra sparkle and catch one’s eye.” The jewellery comprised South Sea pearls inlaid with diamonds.

Ring sparks attention

Jill Hansen, Nash Pearls CEO
Jill Hansen, Nash Pearls CEO
One of the pieces, Ring of Fire, arguably gained the attention of diamond industry publication Rapaport Magazine as it was consequently featured in the December 2016 issue.

The ring is part of an article titled Pearls of Modernity that was published in the magazine’s Style section and can also be viewed on the Rapaport Magazine website as part of the online version of the article and contents page.

Hansen said it was too early to comment on how the exposure had impacted the business given the story had only recently been released; however, she was confident there would be a number of benefits.

“The impact for us will be in the form of much greater brand awareness and exposure into the US market,” Hansen said, adding that she anticipated several “exclusive high-end jewellers” would decide to stock the range.

“For the Australian jewellery industry, it once again shows the creativity and innovation that comes from Australia and that they [US market] can to look more at Australian jewellers’ talent in order to offer fresh products to their market,” she explained.

Rapaport Magazine, part of Rapaport Group, is a publication for the international diamond industry.

Nash Pearls was founded in Western Australia in 1996, with Lust Pearls launching five years later.


jewellery on display in new york

Lust Dream Bracelet
Lust Dream Bracelet
Lust Jazz Bracelet
Lust Jazz Bracelet

Ring of Fire
Ring of Fire


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Sunday, 26 February, 2017 09:06pm
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