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Diamond boots valued at $3.5 million

These boots were made for diamonds

Several Australian and New Zealand jewellers have been given the opportunity to try on a pair of diamond boots valued at $3.5 million – a figure that is said to make them the world’s most expensive footwear.
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Kate Middleton's drool-worthy jewellery collection, US$50 million 50-carat pink diamond missing, What does jewellery and tupperware have in common?

Kate Middleton's style has been coveted worldwide, and now we can add her impressive jewellery collection to the list of things we envy. Jeweller dives into the synthetic diamond debate, while a 50-carat pink diamond goes missing in Geneva. Johnny Depp wears his fiancée Amber Heard's engagement ring at a press conference, and we find out how a jewellery start-up has taken inspiration from Tupperware.  Read more »
The client had not considered that the diamonds might have been synthetics

Synthetic diamonds detected in Australia

In what might be the first case in Australia, a parcel of yellow diamonds has been identified as synthetic even though they were purchased as natural diamonds.  Read more »


Monday, 23 July, 2018 09:11pm
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