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The 5.03-carat diamond is the largest faceted blue synthetic stone graded by the GIA to date

Synthetic diamonds harder to discern: GIA

GIA researchers say that a recently graded synthetic stone – the largest of its kind to be studied by the organisation – exemplifies how quickly synthetic diamond technology is progressing and the increasing importance of identification. Read more »
Attendance at the 2016 Australian Jewellery Fair appeared to be more about quality than quantity

Melbourne fair attracts jewellers from far and wide

Despite initial reservations, a change in location for this year’s Australian Jewellery Fair didn’t appear to deter serious buyers, with reports that many in attendance had travelled from interstate. Read more »
The IIDGR grading service is now available in the Far East, the Middle East, Asia and Europe

De Beers, Rapaport enter diamond grading games

De Beers Group has officially extended its diamond grading service to the wider industry at the same time that Rapaport Group has launched a new grading report. Read more »


Monday, 23 July, 2018 09:30pm
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