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Weekend Reading
Australia: The new land of opportunity for luxury

As you would expect, we do a lot of reading at Jeweller. Whether we’re chasing news, researching or writing our own articles, we come across many stories each week that would interest our readers. Not all are serious and some might not specifically relate to the jewellery industry, but they usually offer great business advice. 

So welcome to Weekend Reading, a collection of jewellery, business and social media articles that will perfectly complement your Sunday morning coffee.
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Providing synthetic diamonds are sold with full disclosure and guarantees from a reliable supply chain, there should be no issue

Synthetic diamonds are not the enemy

Do lab-created diamonds really damage the industry “brand” or do they offer an alternative solution for eco-friendly or budget conscious consumers? Megan Austin reports. Read more »

Why aren't synthetic diamonds cheaper?

Lab-created synthetic gemstones are available in many varieties at prices well below natural ones, yet synthetic diamonds continue to carry a sharp pricing premium. Neil Beaty explains why lab-created diamonds are priced differently. Subscription required. Read more »


Monday, 23 July, 2018 09:13pm
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