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The gem detective: green gemstones

Transparent, faceted green gemstones ranging from mint to moss to dark viridian have held our fascination for generations. What could they be? Megan Austin continues the Gem Detective series. Read more »

The gem detective: colourless gemstones

Sparkling, colourless gemstones may appear similar to the naked eye but they can vary significantly in identity, rarity and value. Making such distinctions requires the detective skills of a qualified gemmologist. Megan Austin reports. Subscription required. Read more »
Public interest has intesified for coloured diamonds

Coloured diamonds: the rising stars

More than 110 million carats of diamonds are mined each year but only 2,000 carats are fancy-coloured diamonds. Megan Austin reports on the real rock stars of the gemstone world. 
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15 great gemstone myths and bunkum

As if there isn't already enough misinformation about jewellery on the internet, retailers also regularly have to deal with myths and bunkum about gemstones.
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Providing synthetic diamonds are sold with full disclosure and guarantees from a reliable supply chain, there should be no issue

Synthetic diamonds are not the enemy

Do lab-created diamonds really damage the industry “brand” or do they offer an alternative solution for eco-friendly or budget conscious consumers? Megan Austin reports. Read more »

Diamonds make a perfect treatment target

Advances in technology demand that jewellers keep up to date on the variance and prevalence of gemstone treatments. This is especially true when it comes to diamonds, the world’s most sought after gemstone. Read more »

Gemmology 101: Diamonds

Diamonds are the most popular of all gemstones, desired for their beauty, their unusual attributes and the myths and legends attached to them. It goes without saying that well-cut diamonds displaying fire and scintillation are considered by many to be the most beautiful gems. Subscription required. Read more »


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