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Guild Jewellery Design Harry Potter Sterling Silver Collection

New Products
Harry Potter

Guild Jewellery bedazzles with Harry Potter. Read more »
Amaya Jewellery ID bracelets

New Products
Amaya Jewellery

Amaya Jewellery flies high in the blue sky. Read more »
Paterson Fine Jewellery bracelet collection

New Products
Paterson Fine Jewellery

Paterson Fine Jewellery shines bright with love. Read more »
Pia & Per pink bracelet collection

New Products
Pia & Per

Pia & Per stands out in bubblegum pink. Read more »
Guild Jewellery Design Looney Tunes Tweety Bird

New Products
Looney Tunes

Guild Jewellery brings back a Warner Brother's classic. Read more »
Guild Jewellery Design Batman silver stud earrings

New Products
Guild Jewellery Design

Guild Jewellery Design is inspired by superheroes. Read more »
The Hobbit pendants

New Products
Worth & Douglas

The Hobbit jewellery range ventures further. Read more »
New from Pandora - the Rose Gold Pure watch

New Products

New from Pandora is this elegant watch from its Black Crown Diamond collection. Read more »
Pandora's new Romantic Rock necklaces with an assortment of charms

New Products

This range of chains is the latest from Pandora’s Romantic Rock collection. Read more »
New from Thomas Sabo, the Pearls for Girls range

New Products
Thomas Sabo

These charms are the latest from Thomas Sabo’s Pearls for Girls collection. Read more »
The Locket pendant, new to Thomas Sabo's Sterling Silver collection

New Products
Thomas Sabo

The Locket pendant is new from Thomas Sabo’s Exotic Issue collection. Read more »
The Minx necklace, new from Georgini's limited edition Couture range

New Products

This attractive necklace is part of Georgini’s limited edition Couture range. Read more »


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