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Soapbox & Opinions
We’re heading back to the bench

We have just returned from our buying group conference where bespoke manufacturing was one of the main subjects of discussion. Given general retail is slipping, most agree that bespoke is a major area of growth. Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
Accept change or flounder

My career in this industry started 17 years ago as the co-owner of independent jewellery store Galleri Jewellers in Westfield Hornsby and Westfield Parramatta, Sydney. Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
Expect the unexpected

ALAIN BLANAR suggests surprising customers with the unexpected. Read more »
Kate Sutton

Soapbox & Opinions
The big question: to brand or not to brand

Uberkate founder Kate Sutton discusses some of the issues she has faced in the establishment of her own brand. Read more »
Ewen Ryley

Soapbox & Opinions
The future of a traditional apprenticeship

As apprentice numbers drop, there isn’t much motivation for young people to undertake a jewellery apprenticeship. The low award rate is not incentive enough which means that young people can be deterred from pursuing a career in jewellery. Read more »
John Temelli

Soapbox & Opinions
The enemies within

Not everything should be sold for a song, says John Temelli. Discounting – both on- and offline – is ruining consumers’ perception of value in the Australian jewellery industry. Read more »
John Papaioannou on the soapbox

Soapbox & Opinions
So-called "sales" skills

Jewellery retailers seem to be relying more and more on easy sellers, to the detriment of real sales skills and customer loyalty. JOHN PAPAIOANNOU explains. Subscription required. Read more »
Jo Tory

Soapbox & Opinions
Get your marketing right

To be successful in this business, JO TORY from Najo argues jewellery retailers must embrace change, innovation and good marketing principles. Subscription required. Read more »
Bianca Mangion

Soapbox & Opinions
Jewellery's next best thing?

Women don't self-purchase jewellery with anywhere near the same frequency as other fashion items. BIANCA MANGION thinks it might have something to do with the seasons. Read more »
Rhonda Ferraro

Soapbox & Opinions
Brand loyalty

Independent jewellers who promote branded jewellery are at risk of losing sales if that brand breaks through, according to Rhonda Ferraro, Ferraro Jewellers. Read more »


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