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Are you paying too much rent?

Nothing irks a jeweller more than the topic of store leases. Most believe they are unfairly treated when it comes to shopping centre rents with many finding themselves trapped in unrealistic leasing agreements.
The cost of tenancy in shopping centres has long been a hot issue for all retail categories, but are landlords beginning to buckle under pressure and what can be done to level the store rent playing field?

The March issue of Jeweller investigates the current situation and discovers that jewellery retailers might have more bargaining power than they thought.

How do you reward your sales superstars? In fact, do you even pay sales commissions? Leonard Zell believes all sales staff should be “incentivised”, and that you should pay higher commissions to your outstanding sales staff and forget about treating everyone equally!

Also in this month’s Jeweller, which has now been mailed, is a comprehensive 14-page report on the buying groups, which not only looks at the state of Australia and New Zealand’s three buying groups and how they’re adapting to the digital world but also includes an exclusive Q&A with the group heads.

And that’s not all …. as the industry prepares for the Gold Coast jewellery fair later this month, Jeweller previews some of the hot products that will be on show.

There's a whole lot more in March Jeweller, including plenty of valuable advice that could help to improve sales and profitability.

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This month's issue

The Rent Trap

Many jewellers find themselves trapped in unrealistic leases but are landlords beginning to buckle under pressure? Nick Lord explores the ongoing furore. Read more.

Buying groups steady the ship

As consumers change the way they shop, largely at the hands of the internet, and as businesses evolve, Coleby Nicholson looks at how Australia’s jewellery buying groups are adapting to the digital world. Read more. 

Reward your sales superstars (then again!)

The benefits of individual incentive commission systems far outweigh those of group/shared commission schemes, according to Leonard Zell. The time has come for managers to examine how they reward their salespeople. Read more.

First, people buy the salesperson

Here’s a simple reality: customers buy the salesperson first or they don’t buy at all. Sue Barrett explains how your sales team can develop trust for a genuine connection. Read more.

Four strategies for handling sales conflict

The ways in which businesses handle conflict with customers will, according to Janet Spirer, go some way to determining whether they can navigate difficult scenarios without damage. Read more.

14 ways to lower the cost of marketing

Holding marketing events and promotional evenings are effective ways to increase instore traffic, gain new customers and better still ... Tony Argyle says they don’t have to cost the world. Read more.

The new SEO: Boost ranks with social media

If you’re wondering why your search engine rankings are still faltering, Emily Mobbs reports that maybe it’s time you better understood the relationship between Search engine optimisation and social media. Read more.

Get behind Australian manufacturing

Locally-produced jewellery has been in decline for decades, but we could get it back on track with a little support from industry. Read more.

The exotics: Paraiba Tourmaline

As prices of ruby, sapphire and emerald continue to climb, coloured gemstone consumers are turning to some extraordinary alternatives known as “the exotics”. This month, Megan Austin looks at Paraiba tourmaline. Read more.

Aquamarine: Goddess of the sea

The word aquamarine is Latin for seawater. Aquamarine's association with the sea comes from the brilliant range of hues in which it appears - from an almost transparent blue to a deep ocean azure. Read more.


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