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LJ West Diamonds

For more than 30 years, the West Family has been collecting the rarest natural colour diamonds on Earth. 

As one of the earliest Argyle Authorised Partners, our collection of rare fancy colour diamonds and Argyle pink diamonds is truly exceptional.

With a stunning, vibrant raspberry colour, this 2-carat Fancy Intense Pink Argyle 3PR diamond is part of the Argyle 2019 Tender Series.

Argyle pink diamonds display some of the rarest colours among all natural colour diamonds. Not only does this 0.67-carat stone feature a Fancy Intense Argyle 5P colour, but it is also one of only a handful of emerald shapes available at any given moment.

Natural purple diamonds, such as this 0.40 Deep Pink Purple stone, are very rare, unique, and sought-after. Collectors often search out these regal diamonds, as purple is an ancient symbol of nobility.

Teal-coloured stones, such as this wonderful 0.34-carat Fancy Intense Blue Green diamond, are extremely desirable among natural colour diamond collectors worldwide.

One of the top 42 diamonds ever found at the Argyle Mine, The Imperial Violet, is a 1-carat Argyle BL3 Tender stone. The violet colour is the pinnacle of rarity in the natural colour diamond 'kingdom'.

More Information: LJ West Diamonds


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