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Now Showing: Reviewing Megan Fox’s engagement ring; opalised fossil from Australia; and know your lab-grown diamonds from CVD to HPHT

This week, take a deeper look at Megan Fox's engagement ring from a jeweller's perspective, dive into the world of gem fractals and learn to differentiate between CVD and HPHT when buying lab-grown diamonds. 

Jeweller reviews Megan Fox’s engagement ring

By Modern Goldsmith  |  Length 08:36


Gemmology 101: Gem fractals (and bonus pineapple opal!)

By Gemstones  |  Length 05:52


Breathing life into a 10-carat Ceylon sapphire ring

By The Village Goldsmith | VG Jewelers |  Length 01:31


Opalised Fossils at Lightning Ridge Australian Opal Centre

By  Curiosity Mine |  Length 24:40


How to buy lab-grown diamonds (CVD vs. HPHT)

By TraxNYC Diamond Jewelry   Length 08:22




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