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Now Showing: How to make a solid gold credit card; 200-carat rough turns into 33 single diamonds and turning amethyst invisible

This week, a jeweller melts gold to make a one-of-a-kind credit card, learn how to turn an amethyst invisible with the magic of light refraction and watch how a 200-carat rough diamond gets cut into 33 individual diamonds.

Melting gold into a credit card

By Bobby White  |  Length 05:17


Was this opal cutting a failure?

By Black Opal Direct |  Length 09:04


How to turn amethyst invisible: refraction fun

By Gemstones |  Length 10:50


The cut journey: from 200-carat rough to 33 single diamonds

By  Holloway Diamonds |  Length 07:23


‘Extreme’ makeover: repurposed old rings

By Modern Goldsmith  Length 07:00




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