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Now Showing: Gold coin that is illegal to own; the history of the cocktail ring; and why is this Patek Philippe cost £1 million?

This week go back in time and discover the history of the cocktail ring, review the world's most expensive gold coin that's also illegal to own and uncover the reason why this Patek Philippe watch costs more than £1 million. 

The history of the cocktail ring

By Gemstones  |  Length 04:41


Why does this Patek Philippe cost £1 million?

By Watchfinder & Co |  Length 10:24


Sketching an aquamarine and diamond starburst halo

By Larsen Jewellery |  Length 02:54


World's most expensive gold coin is also illegal to own

By  Campbell’s Coins  |  Length 11:12


Webinar: Politics, Economics, and Diamond Prices

By Rapaport  Length 01:03:23




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