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My Bench

My Bench: Harry Bassil

Harry Bassil believes that the best part of working as a bench jeweller is taking the dreams of a client or customer and making them a reality. 

Harry Bassil

Works at: Bassil Creations. Sydney NSW

Age: 37

Years in trade: 17 years

Training: Enmore Design Centre

First job: Bassil Creations, working for my father Sergio Bassil

Other Qualifications: Certificate 4 in Business Management and Certificate 3 in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing.

Emerald Cut Trilogy

The emerald cut trilogy diamond ring is one of the most exquisite engagement rings we have created. It is set with three emerald cut diamonds, all in D colour VS1 clarity. The centre diamond is three carats and each side diamond is 1.5-carat, totalling six carats of diamonds in total. The ring is made in a two-tone, the diamonds are set in platinum and the band is in 18-carat yellow gold.

Favourite gemstone:

My favourite must be a diamond. Nothing shines as bright as a diamond. Each facet acts as a mirror and bounces the rays of light back to the viewer creating that sparkle. They are the perfect gemstone to work with.

Favourite metal:

Platinum. I love the feeling of working with platinum, and the bright colour of the metal when it is polished.

Favourite tool:

Handpiece. It is the tool that I use most, especially when setting diamonds.

Best new tool discovery:

Gravermax. I have just started using this tool, it is so useful especially when setting diamonds and engraving.

Best part of job:

Bringing a client’s dream jewellery piece to life.

Worst part of job:

Eyes getting strained when spending long hours on the bench.

Best tip from a jeweller:

In the jewellery trade there is something to learn every day, even when you have been working in the trade for a very long time.

Best tip to a jeweller:

When starting out make sure you have a good role model to teach you the skills in the trade. From there try to spend as much time as possible practicing and perfecting each skill in creating various types of jewellery.

Biggest health concern on the bench:

Sitting down for a long number of hours without much movement, so it’s crucial to do some daily exercise after work.

Love jewellery because:

It’s my passion. When growing up I always saw my father creating jewellery and this always intrigued me. I used to sit on his bench and play around with the tools. From the first time I started working with my father, I knew this was my passion. I love the concept of bringing a client’s jewellery piece to reality.





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