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Infamous Aussie pink diamond heist mystery retold

A fascinating Australian tale which intertwines the spheres of true crime and jewellery has been retold in a five-part series by the ABC.

Produced by Sarah Allely and presented by Sinead Mangan, a five-part podcast series titled “Expanse: Pink Diamond Heist” has been released, containing never-heard-before details from one of Australia’s great jewellery mysteries.

The story begins in the far reaches of the Kimberley during the 1980s, when millions of dollars of the world’s most sought after fancy colour diamonds – Argyle pink diamonds – were smuggled away by thieves.

It’s believed that more than $50 million in diamonds were stolen from the Western Australian mine and traded internationally in Switzerland, the US and Hong Kong.

The podcast features interviews with former investigators and jewellery experts, as well as those close to the heist.

The series is available on the ABC listen app.

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