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My Bench

My Bench: Eleanor Hawke

Eleanor Hawke’s favourite part of the job is presenting clients with their new item of jewellery and seeing the joy in their faces.

Eleanor Hawke

Works at: Abrecht Bird Jewellers. Melbourne VIC

Age: 33

Years in trade: 12 years

Training: Apprenticeship at NMIT

Other Qualifications: Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Jewellery Engineering


A slider pendant is part one of a three-piece series designed based on nature and its flora and fauna. The simple geometric framework is paired with an organic twisting and interlocking vine that’s adorned with a variety of leaves, yellow gold granules representing wattle and a scattering of diamonds representing the morning dew.

Favourite gemstone:

Diamonds, specifically champagne diamonds.

Favourite metal:

18-carat gold, yellow and white gold. Great metals to work with, I love including contrasting colours in my work.

Favourite tool:

Jewellers saw. I love saw piercing intricate designs in my work.

Best new tool discovery:

Laser welder.

Best part of job:

Presenting clients with their new item of jewellery and seeing the joy in their faces.

Worst part of job:

Dropping gemstones and tiny pieces of metal on the floor. Searching forever!

Best tip from a jeweller:

If a job looks complicated and daunting as a whole, break it down into smaller components. Everything is made up of shapes that appear more complex than they are.

Best tip to a jeweller:

Never stop learning and trying new techniques. Keep an open mind to new ideas.

Biggest health concern on the bench:

Breathing in the polishing dust and chemical fumes.

Love jewellery because:

It gives me the opportunity to be artistic and creative. I love the idea of sketching a rough idea for an item of jewellery and watching a simple bar of gold transform into something spectacular.





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