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Why generational marketing matters: Part I

Every customer is unique however broad overlapping characteristics make marketing an easier process. HEATHER COOPER explores the defining traits of the four key demographics consuming jewellery in 2023.

The majority of content marketing strategies can easily cross generational lines and work with virtually any audience.

Ideas such as utilising user-generated content, engaging with your audience on your social media channels and including a specific call to action at the end of your content are among some of the strategies that will work no matter the age or various other demographics of your intended audience.

There are, however, times when it is especially prudent to consider generational marketing as part of your content marketing strategy. While each person is undoubtedly different, every generation has different needs and desires, and what works for one may not necessarily work for another.

Marketing Insider Group, a US marketing firm, tells us that: “Generational marketing is the term coined for segmenting and targeting your markets by age rather than other demographics such as gender, location, or income. If you want to make sure your content marketing is effective for each generation you’re targeting, you must understand the motivations, challenges, and habits of each generation, and how you should tailor your content accordingly.”

“Each generation will have its own unique marketing challenges and opportunities based on their experiences growing up.”

While it’s important to remember that not everyone in a specific generation will have the same viewpoints, needs, or wants, analysing what each generation has experienced and what generally makes them tick is a good starting point.

There will obviously need to be further segmentation of each generation by other demographics for your content to be truly effective, however; understanding the fundamentals of each generation is key to starting off on the right foot.

Each generation will have its own unique marketing challenges and opportunities based on their experiences growing up. This includes the economic climates they’ve survived and the things they’ve come up against in their personal and professional lives.

There are currently four different generations who actively consume media and buy jewellery products and services. Each generation is different with unique life experiences that have moulded how they see the world, their purchasing preferences, and their social media habits.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are looking to take advantage of brand loyalty and tend to be very loyal to the brands they know and trust. If you prove that you have quality jewellery, Baby Boomers will come back to your store time and time again.

Go for the up-sell here! Since this generation has a large amount of spending power and prefers to seek out deals, it pays to simply ask if they’d like to pay extra for more value or service. This can also help to build better relationships with your customers.

Use traditional marketing to reach this segment of the market. Baby Boomers do best with traditional marketing strategies. Television and newspaper ads are more likely to get them to purchase something than a Facebook ad – in fact, they may report it as spam!

Additionally, Marketing Insider Group reminds us that those in this generation find value in in-depth articles and analysis.
Your language should be more formal when targeting Baby Boomers and you should strive to avoid slang, abbreviations, and pop-culture references – however take additional care not to be condescending.

Generation X

Offer discounts to reach Generation X as they are conscious of saving money wherever they can. Introducing discounting for your jewellery or services is a great way to reach this community.

Spreading these promotions through email is an excellent way to get them in front of Gen X.

This generation appreciates services or products that are beneficial to society as a whole or the environment, so wherever possible showcase that you aim to ‘do good’.

Develop what’s known as ‘lifestyle nurture programs’. To establish customer loyalty with Generation X, Facebook ads targeting anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions that offer updates or incentives month-to-month are useful.

You should consider trying direct mail as 86 per cent of this generation brings in the mail every day and 68 per cent have used coupons. As stated before, discounting works well with this generation, so try sending some in the mail!

Generation X is inclined to be more sceptical than both the generation that came before them and the generation
that came after them. Because of this, it’s important to be consistent and authentic in all your content marketing strategies.

In the next issue of Jeweller I’ll discuss the best ways to connect with the two remaining generations – Millennials and Generation Z.

Heather Cooper

Heather Cooper is a writer for Three Girls Media, offering guidance on website design and build, public relations, and content marketing strategy. Learn more: threegirlsmedia.com

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