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Passion8 bridal jewellery from Miller Diamonds
Passion8 bridal jewellery from Miller Diamonds

Personalisation trend hits bridal jewellery

New trends are revolutionising the traditional bridal jewellery market, according to the trend forecasters behind Inhorgenta watches and jewellery fair.
Personalisation is the latest buzzword in bridal jewellery as couples can now choose from an unlimited number of designs, shapes, colours and materials.

Wedding rings, for example, are being created via an increasingly interactive process between couples and designers, according to Inhorgenta.

Web-based configurations are now available where couples can sketch a preliminary design of their ring on the internet – a service that is proving popular with younger couples.

The advent of new technology has taken the concept of personalised jewellery a step further, with designers able to construct rings from unique materials such as a partner’s hair or DNA.

In another trend, functional rings have now moved closer to decorative items of jewellery.

Narrow and feminine designs like intricate floral patterns have replaced the wide, round gold ring trend, according to Sandra Erl, chief executive of 152-year-old Swiss fine jewellery company Furrer Jacot.

“Overall, rings are less formal and exhibit more and more organic shapes,” she said, adding that bi-colour designs were also a new trend. “An increasing number of couples favour material combinations.”

White platinum and rose gold is a popular combination, according to German jeweller Maximilian Dieterle.

The North American trend of wearing two rings is also gaining prominence in Europe as engagement rings continue to grow in importance.

Inhorgenta 2011, which will be held between February 25 and 28, will focus on the evolving designs of wedding rings.

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