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Amber Centre's latest sterling silver charm bracelets
Amber Centre's latest sterling silver charm bracelets
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The Amber Centre

Different shades of amber pepper this sterling silver charm bracelet from Australian company The Amber Centre.
Sterling silver charms sit in between cognac, lime, opaque white, cherry, lemon and orange amber across the bracelet.

Retailers can choose either a sterling silver or leather bracelet, both of which come in four different lengths.

Matching pairs of amber earrings and matching necklaces are also available.

Personalisation is an option because the amber charms are designed so that the wearer can weave them onto any bracelet.

Authentic Baltic amber is used in all the pieces. Baltic amber is fossilised tree resin sourced from regions surrounding the Baltic Sea.

The company has its headquarters in Queensland.

More information: The Amber Centre

Suit 2, Level 2,
84 Union Street
NSW, Australia, 2009
Phone: 02 9700 8830
Fax: 02 9317 3102

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Monday, 22 July, 2019 12:13pm
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