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Gary Fitz-Roy, organiser of the Brisbane Fair, has released a statement which quells fears about the possible cancellation of the fair
Gary Fitz-Roy, organiser of the Brisbane Fair, has released a statement which quells fears about the possible cancellation of the fair

Expertise quells fears about Brisbane Fair

Retailers and suppliers who have been concerned whether the Brisbane Fair in March will continue in the wake of the floods have been urged to wait for organisers to assess the situation. 
Expertise Events managing director Gary Fitz-Roy released an important announcement to the Fair’s exhibitors to alleviate ongoing fears that the important industry trade fair may be cancelled. 

“As a result of seeing initial reports of the devastation, an instant reaction could be to cancel the Brisbane Fair. However, our assessment will involve monitoring the situation facing the local market over the coming weeks,” Fitz-Roy said. 

Fitz-Roy said Expertise Events would make a final decision before January 28 regarding the possible rescheduling of the fair.

He used the Victoria bushfires and Christchurch earthquake as examples where past scheduled events had been threatened by the onset of natural disasters.

“Those experiences have given us a framework for forming a decision whether to proceed with an event,” he said.

Fitz-Roy observed that past affected communities appreciated that the scheduled events continued as planned and rallied fellow members to support the fair.

“It’s important for us to use the fair to show how much as an industry, when the chips are down, we unite, support and rebuild.”

Responding to the announcement, Tony Bone, managing director of Integral Design, echoed Fitz-Roy’s sentiments. 

“I reckon the Queenslanders need support and one of the positive things we as an industry can do is to show that we will back them and show that we are not abandoning them when things get tough,” he said.

Jeweller’s publisher, Coleby Nicholson agreed with Bone saying, “It’s a tough call. Expertise is damned if they do and damned if they don’t. With the fair being eight weeks away, it gives the industry time to see what it can achieve to ensure the Fair goes ahead and provides a positive result for Queensland and specifically the local jewellery industry.”

In the meantime, Fitz-Roy has urged members of the jewellery industry to support the recovery efforts of retailers in Queensland through extended payment terms, special stock or display offers. 

Acting on behalf of the Brisbane Fair, Expertise Events pledged $10,000 to the Premier’s relief appeal. Fitz-Roy advised others in the industry to join Expertise in its pledge. 

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Tuesday, 10 December, 2019 09:34pm
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