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Diarise your windows: mum’s the word

Using upcoming holiday events to plan and create timely window themes is a savvy way of factoring in your window space to up sales, as customers increasingly seek the experience of a special buy.

Mother’s Day in May, for example, presents a perfect opportunity to capitalise on such a calendar event. Both customisation and authenticity are two big trends in retail now, so why not go for customisation with a window display and celebrate mother love at the same time? Your customers want a store that is authentic and has the ‘feeling’ factor.

Create a music compilation of suitably themed music for the auditory shopper and play it for the month of May. Or how about grabbing some attention by offering champagne on the days leading up to Mother’s Day?

For independent jewellers, creating an attention-grabbing window could be as simple as buying a pot of pink paint and using a paint brush to write a message straight on the glass. Depending on your demographic, you could write a message such as; ‘Mothers do it best!’, ‘Mother LOVE’, or ‘Mother… the women who inspire us most’.

Say it with a sense of humour and an element of surprise. The combination of negative space and customised signage is sure to attract attention.

However, there are some rules to getting it right – keep it clean and first practice the words you are going to paint. Follow the paint theme through the store, painting part of the quote on some of the jewellery showcases. A tiled floor is also a fun opportunity to connect the theme of painted signage; direct your traffic in-store with signage painted on the floor!

Offer Mother’s Day gift-wrapping with pink ribbon in the same tone as used in window and in-store display. Thus connecting to the continuity of your theme.

Natalie Coulter teaches in the VM department at TAFE Ultimo.

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Wednesday, 16 October, 2019 03:17pm
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