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Fairs and Events

Fairs and Events
Fairs and Events

Fairs and Events

Do you know when Queensland’s outback readies itself for the Yowah Opal Festival every year? Or are you aware of which exotic location will play host to this year’s International Colored Gemstone Association Congress?
If the answer to both is no, you need to visit our ‘Fairs and Events’ page.

Every year, there are scores of trade shows, industry-based conferences and association-led congresses for jewellery retailers and suppliers, where new products and topical industry matters are brought to light.

Stay up-to-date with what’s happening when by visiting our dedicated ‘Fairs and Events’ page, which contains a comprehensive, up to date list of events – sorted according to region, month or feature events that we have personally handpicked for your perusal.

Visit the page now to plan your travel and accommodation a year in advance. With a fairs and events calendar at your disposal, you can better plan your schedule and allow for maybe even a mini holiday in between.

Perhaps Yowah or Brazil, host of the next International Colored Gemstone Association Congress would make good holiday destinations.

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Saturday, 14 December, 2019 06:09pm
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