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Top 5 Jewellery Trends for 2012

Swarovski Gems' design forecasting service Gem Visions predicts jewellery trends will be inspired by vintage design, cinema, celebrities, nature and fiction.
Titled Gem Visions 2012, the collaborative report is an annual trend and design book featuring design directions, themes and inspirations. The report has forecast five design directions for 2012 – studio, fantasy, fiction, luminescence and nouvelle vague.

The ‘studio’ trend is informed by a rise in handmade yet simple, polished jewellery with an emphasis on a neutral colour palette and retro colour combinations. Jewellery under this trend will feature the use of pearls, brush–effect metalwork and vintage designs. The trend derives its name from studio pottery and draws upon designs of the 1950s. Jewellery designs that fall under this trend will appeal to lovers of heritage brands and vintage jewellery.

Key stories: soft brushed, graceful pearls, sweet vintage, lyrical collage, multicolour painting, feeling blue, radiant nature.

As a juxtaposition to ‘studio’, the ‘fantasy’ trend pertains to jewellery in a spectrum of deep, intense colours that correspond with gemstone shades. Flora and fauna are said to be the inspiration behind the embellished and intricate jewellery under this design direction, which includes greens, violets, orchid colours and bright pink. Lovers of the ‘fantasy’ trend will be courageous consumers who are keen to express their individuality through one-off designs.

Key stories: imaginary world, bloom profusion, sinuously entwined, shielded, intense melange, exuberance.

The rising popularity of the sci-fi genre and provocative celebrity jewellery wearers such as Lady Gaga have given rise to the ‘fiction’ design trend, according to Gem Visions. Jewellery under this trend will merge the themes of skeletal structures and bones, myths and legends as well as extra-terrestrial beings with bejewelled designs. Earthy colours of orange and red as well as night sky shades of glinting black and grey will be replete.

Key stories: voodoo mystic, tribal beat, fade to black, divine radiance, stellar constellations, dynamic cosmic.

Based upon radical minimalism – a revival of the 1990s techno era – the ‘luminescence’ trend will inspire the creation of modernised, industrial jewellery with architectural, abstract and geometric shapes. A new colour vocabulary of strong, clashing contrasts and fluorescent rainbow hues will feature across jewellery that draws upon this trend. Young consumers are likely to be the main demographic this jewellery trend caters to.

Key stories: vivacious mass, prismatic glow, digital age, morphing, rough luxe, monochrome, graduated light.

Nouvelle vague
‘Nouvelle vague’ draws upon the preserves of timeless cinema and music genres such as ‘Film Noir’ and ‘New Wave’ in a jewellery design trend that is centred around the use of cubic zirconia and black and white. This trend appeals to smart, classic dressers who aspire to wear statement diamond jewellery.

Key stories: city lights, a la mod, film noir, new wave.

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