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The Headset pendant from Darkcloud's unique line of sterling silver jewellery
The Headset pendant from Darkcloud's unique line of sterling silver jewellery

DJ jewellery spins success

A unique line of DJ-themed jewellery featuring tiny turntables, headphones and record crates has been popping up on fashion blogs around the world.
Its creator, Nathan Thomas made his first piece of Darkcloud Silver jewellery in 2005, and by 2008, the Sydney-based jeweller began working on the range of DJ jewellery.

Appealing to niche markets, Thomas’ designs have featured on other creative blogs, always looking to endorse the weird and wonderful side of jewellery.

Darkcloud Silver’s range includes quirky designs such as DJ headphones, vinyl turntables and silver microphones among others.

Marketing his range to young men and women, Thomas feels his jewellery connects with those who love music, particularly hip-hop connoisseurs.

While contemporary Australian jewellery has made large strides in recent years, Thomas admits he still has to pinch himself when he considers the global exposure and recognition Darkcloud continues to receive.

Overwhelmingly, the feedback he’s received has been positive, while the amount of custom orders has grown immensely. Tellingly, Darkcloud’s popularity has primarily been achieved through social networking and word-of-mouth marketing.

“When people find my work online, they are surprised and have that sense of discovery and it continues to amaze me that people from all corners of the globe are finding my site and wanting to purchase my pieces,” Thomas explained.

Generating sales through Facebook and constant Twitter updates, Thomas epitomises the modern day business model, where the internet essentially does the marketing for him.

Thomas said that the demographic he attracts are all online savvy.

“Young bloggers are always looking for something new and different,” he observes.

As a young jeweller, Thomas understands Darkcloud jewellery is not for everyone, but is surprised at how many people have connected with his work.

“The playful nature of my objects when worn, definitely make you feel like you did when you were a kid and had your favourite Lego, or doll or whatever it is you were into,” Thomas said.

Thomas told Jeweller growing up with his musically-addicted father struck a chord, creating the basis of inspiration for these innovative pieces of jewellery.

“My father has always been obsessed with music, vinyl and the record player,” Thomas said.

Thomas’ fixation with vinyl records and turntable culture led him to start experimenting with sterling silver, 18ct gold and timber in order to create his fresh line of jewellery.

Juggling his final stages of jewellery design study, Thomas is upbeat about Darkcloud’s future.

“Darkcloud Silver has just been asked to be a part of a new book project on new directions in jewellery from a Berlin-based book publisher,” he said.

If you want to check out the entire range you can follow Darkcloud’s Facebook page or on its website.

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