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This month's birthstone - Citrine, a part of Spinning's latest range
This month's birthstone - Citrine, a part of Spinning's latest range

Spinning Jewelry expands distribution

Danish brand, Spinning Jewelry will begin distribution into New Zealand early next year as it launches its latest concept range.

The brand is set to release a new Birthstone rings collection that feature 12 precious and semi-precious gemstones representing each month of the calendar year, launching in both Australia and New Zealand.

The stones, seen as good luck charms, are based on zodiac mythology, with each stone representing individual characteristics from each month. The gemstones feature on either 9ct gold or sterling silver stackable rings, and each ring is engraved with the respective month.

Duraflex Group, which acquired the exclusive distribution rights for Spinning Jewelry in February this year, has placed a heavy emphasis on promoting the brand in Australia and is now set to launch the brand in New Zealand early next year with the Birthstones collection.

Julia Engbersen, brand manager for Spinning told Jeweller that the new range is a variation on the popularity of personalised jewellery.

“The stones have different characteristics symbolising the month,” Engbersen said. “The idea is that people take their birthstone and combine it with other pieces to wear a stacked ring.”

March, for example, is represented by the Aquamarine stone, which symbolises affection and confidence.

“The birthstones are designed to ease the selection process, as the stone is pre-determined for your birth month, and still means something” Engbersen said. “It’s a refreshing twist when customers look to stack their new rings.”

Engbersen said advertising and visual merchandising campaigns for Birthstones is “intense” and something Spinning had been lacking when it was first launched in Australia in 2005.

“The rings are attached to hanging wires in stores so customers can actually touch and wear the product without the help of staff,” Engbersen said. “Essentially they choose and play with the jewellery on their own.”

Each month Spinning will drape its 70-strong Australian stockists with different marketing material promoting a new birthstone.

Despite Spinning being in the local market for six years, Engbersen said that the brand has never received an advertising and marketing campaign like the Birthstones.

“We’re trying to take Spinning to the next level with the intense advertising and media and gain as much exposure for our stockists,” Engbersen said.

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