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Blingissimo's bracelet
Blingissimo's bracelet

Missardi embraces Fashion Week

At a time when some jewellery suppliers are battening down the hatches in anticipation of a lean winter, Missardi is looking to build its brand awareness with a bold marketing move.
The Australian distributor of Blingissimo Italy is supporting the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week by including one of its leading bracelets, B Speckled, in each delegate bag for Fashion Week.

Missardi’s commitment for 3,000 bracelets equates to $150,000 at retail value.

That is a sizable commitment for a distribution company that only launched in 2009, but Missardi’s Joanne Omer believes it’s the right thing to do to support the Australian retailers who had embraced the brand.

“We love Blingissimo and we want Australia to know about the brand,” Omer said. “It is really popular and really going well in Europe and we thought what better way to really promote the brand to people in the fashion industry and people who love fashion than to be involved with the Fashion Week.”

The B Speckled bracelet retails at $27, comes in 16 different colours and is available in rose gold or black label silver.

Omer said that piece was selected as it was one of the brand’s best selling items in Europe and it represents the simple yet striking style that epitomises the Blingissimo brand.

“It is really tough out there for retailers at the moment. We want to do something to support the people who have taken us on board, we want to do something to show them that we are serious and we are here and what better way is there to do that than to be involved in Fashion Week.

“You have to put yourself out there. I am passionate about this business and sometimes you have to do whatever it takes.”

The Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Australia starts on Monday, April 30 at Circular Quay in Sydney and runs until May 4.

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