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The new UK and Australian Ice-World watches.
The new UK and Australian Ice-World watches.

New Ice-Watch range makes play for patriotism

The new Ice-World collection from Ice-Watch features national flag-inspired designs, which could prove popular in this Olympic year when national pride is running high. 
With 11 days until the Euro Football Championships kick off, and under 60 days until the London Olympics begins, 2012 is quickly shaping up as a massive year for international sport. Fashion watch brand Ice-Watch is looking to capitalise on the fever, with its new set of Ice-World watches taking the colours of some patriotic countries.

Germany, UK, USA, Australia, Brazil, Spain and Hungary are just a handful of the 24 countries represented by the new watches. Larry Porter, chief executive of Ice-Watch's Australian distributor Bolt International told Jeweller that the selection of countries was chosen based on “where the brand is most popular and countries with very strong national pride.”
“The concept of the World collection is in keeping with the brand’s global philosophy,” Porter said. “Being an international brand, we felt it was a collection that our consumers would enjoy, by expressing the pride for their country and extending their Ice-Watch collection.”

Porter said heavy promotion would accompany the new line, including in-store branding, competitions, and national advertising. Ice-Watch would also be promoting on the ground at the Olympics.  

“In terms of a physical presence at the Olympics, there will be individual sponsorship of athletes,” Porter explained, “and the Hungarian Olympic Team is also sponsored by Ice-Watch.”
Porter expected countries to support their national watch, although all designs are available, and believed the new product would be a popular souvenir for tourists.

“Being the local country, we see the Australian watch as being a popular purchase by tourists,” Porter said. We have the support of our Duty Free Retailer in stocking this collection.”

Porter thought the UK watch would also prove popular, due to London being the host city for the Olympics. He said other European nations like Italy, France, Belgium, Germany and Spain would also be favourites “as we are a European brand and Ice-Watch is one of the most popular brands in these countries and has many loyal followers.”



The Ice World range has a large showcase of flags from many nations.
The Ice World range has a large showcase of flags from many nations.

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