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Hearts On Fire has released an iPhone and iPad app
Hearts On Fire has released an iPhone and iPad app

Hearts On Fire launches diamond app

US Diamond brand Hearts on Fire has released a free app that could soon become a useful branding tool for its Australian stockists .
The new app, launched on iPhone and iPad, will enable consumers to browse its range and learn about the diamond cutting process.

Caryl Capeci, vice president marketing, Hearts On Fire said the inspiration for the product came from realising the extent of research consumers typically conduct online prior to purchase.

“Most people when shopping for diamond jewellery do their research online,” she said. “We knew that whenever someone was shopping from us or going into a store, it would be helpful to look up all the product information.”

Users can browse Hearts On Fire’s full range of earrings, rings and necklaces, as well as customise pieces by metal, weight and size and get a price estimate.

Sydney-based jewellery retailer Dracakis was the first retailer to open an account with Hearts On Fire in Australia. Nic Dracakis, manager at the Brookvale store thinks the app will be very useful for the dozens of stores that now carry the brand.

“It’s definitely going to help,” he told Jeweller. “It's certainly not going to hurt sales. The app has got the entire stock of Hearts On Fire diamonds. It's brilliant technology to have that available to you in the palm of your hand. Some people come in and say they've seen an ad for a diamond and try and describe it, but with the app they can just say they're looking at what they want."

Dracakis also believes the app will be an effective branding mechanism for Hearts On Fire in the developing Australian market.

“While they are still only relatively new here, in the US there are over 500 retailers, as well as many in Asia, and it's growing in Europe,” he said. “I get so many Asian people who say they've seen Hearts On Fire diamonds and want them in Australia. The brand becoming bigger can only benefit us.”

Dracakis said that Hearts On Fire’s digital strategy has been evolving rapidly, with retailers also receiving sales support with iPad content that can be shown to customers in-store.

"I went to Boston in February with half a dozen other Australian retailers,” he explained. “They (Hearts On Fire staff) sat down and showed us how they were building apps and videos that let us sit down with a customer and explain the creation process from rough diamonds to a polished piece.“

The new consumer-targeted app features some of the videos as well, aiming to build the product branding around an excellent product and experience, rather than just marketing on price point.

"They are changing as the way diamonds are being sold is changing,” Dracakis said. “They want to get away from the commoditisation of diamonds that is occurring, with people just looking for the cheapest option. Hearts On Fire is trying to take it back to the Tiffany way of selling, pair an unbelievable diamond with a great retail experience.”

Dracakis said he was told the app would be updated for Australian users in the coming weeks, to reflect exchange rates, and expects that Dracakis will promote the app to its customers.

Hearts On Fire isn’t the first major diamond brand to enter the app market, De Beers also recently released a similar app for its bridal jewellery range.

Hearts On Fire is considering developing an Android version of the app in the future.

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Tuesday, 19 February, 2019 02:08pm
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