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 Jeweller's 9 best marriage proposal videos that have gone viral!
Jeweller's 9 best marriage proposal videos that have gone viral!

The best marriage proposals: 10 viral videos

Need inspiration for a creative marriage proposal? Jeweller trawled the web to find the most viral and creative wedding proposal videos. Be reminded that love can make us do crazy things! UPDATED.

Popping the big question is a significant moment. History shows that many men attempt to make the moment truly special and memorable  by organising wedding proposals in unforgettable locations and in unforgettable ways.

These days the trend is to have someone film it for the internet and hope the proposal goes viral. For example, what about the guy who proposed in in a packed cinema during a pre-arranged movie preview, or the guy who orchestrated 60 people in an elaborate dance choreography in the street his fiancé grew up in?

That’s only two of nine viral marriage proposal videos that Jeweller has put together from thousands on the web.

Here are Jeweller’s best of the best, crazy and creative ways that men have proposed to the love of their lives. 

Count down and watch these creative proposal videos that will have you crying, laughing and scrolling down for more! It’ll remind you of the crazy things that love can make us do. Apparently going down on one knee just isn’t enough anymore!


10. Letters and favourite memories

Brad composed an elaborate lip-dub proposal for Emily, starring all their family and friends. Brad placed hand-written letters along the beach, sharing his favourite memories with Emily.

Proposal Date: Unknown


9. Siri helps with marriage proposal

A man buys his girlfriend an iPhone for Christmas and asks Siri to read out the last message from ‘Tom’. Siri reads the message that exclaims all the things he loves about her as well as the all-important question.  

Proposal Date: December 26th 2011

8. Falling Proposal

Josh proposes to Brooke, standing on the rooftop of a four-story building. After asking his friend Bobby to throw him the ring Josh misses the catch and instead falls from the building. Brooke’s reaction is filmed and shown in slow motion.

Proposal Date: July 11th 2011

7. Keep your eyes on that building

Marzo takes Lisa on an intimate walk through city streets at night. He films her reaction as she watches a building’s lights display the words “Lisa, will you marry me?” See how Lisa reacts to the perfectly coordinated light spectacle.

Proposal Date: October 6th 2011

6. Classically, technically Japanese

A Japanese couple dine at a busy restaurant in Tokyo. When the man gets up to “go to the bathroom”, a wedding chime starts to play from different mobile phones on every table in the restauarunt, arousing his partner’s attention. Slowly she starts to notice the change in atmosphere, so her boyfriend enters the scene again and takes an empty ring box from his pocket. After a clever magic trick using his phone, the ring appears in the box. When she says “Yes”, all her family and friends appear in the restaurant.    

Proposal Date: November 2009

5. Street Art Proposal

Aaron Vanden walks Tamara Marie Altherr, along streets lined with street art. The street art symbolised special and memorable moments and season of their relationship. He collaborated with artists to piece together the story, leading up to a final piece where he led Tamara, blindfolded, and popped the question on bended knee.

Proposal Date: February 4th 2011

See Aaron and Tamara’s Wedding Photos

4. Roadside flowers from NY to Philly

Jason Min filmed the two hour drive from his house in New York to his to his girlfriend’s house in Philadelphia. Along the drive he plants Eun’s favourite flowers alongside the road, and leaves next to each one a hand-written note containing a different promise,

Eun watches the video while one of Jason’s songs backs the footage. Jason rings the doorbell just as she’s about to finish watching the video, and pops the question on bended knee. 

Proposal Date: September 24th 2011

3. UCLA Campus Flash Mob: “Can’t take my eyes off of you”

Nam Tran organised a flash mob to dance on the campus of UCLA where he and his girlfriend, Trang Vhou, first met. The flash mob dances to "Can't take my eyes off you" and Nam even joined in. After the dance, Nam took Trang into the middle of the circle and proposed the traditional way; down on one knee.

Proposal Date: September 24th 2011

Follow-up interview with Nam and Trang on CBC

2. Making the Movies Jealous



Matt Still arranged for his brother to take his girlfriend, Ginny Joiner to see a movie where a home video starts playing following a trailer of The Hangover 2.

The scene slowly pans up to reveal Matt asking Ginny’s father for his blessing in asking for her hand in marriage. A hidden camera records Ginny’s emotional reaction as the proposal unfolds.

Matt is filmed running into the cinema, where he finally proposes. Little does she know that her whole family has been sitting in the back of the cinema throughout the special moment.

Proposal Date: May 16th 2011

Follow Matt and Ginny

1. Isaac’s Live Lip-dub Proposal



Isaac Lamb put together an intricate proposal for the love of his life Amy Frankel by arranging 60 family and friends to perform a song and dance routine on her parents’ street.

With the help of his brother Connor, Amy was placed in the back of a slow-moving car while family and friends performed an elaborately choreographed dance to Bruno Mars’ song ‘Marry You’. A live video of Amy is shown throughout the proposal displaying her real-time reaction to the growing number of performers.

Proposal Date: May 23rd 2012

Follow-up interview with the Isaac and Amy on MSNBC

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