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Chemgold is the Australian distributor for new CAD technology from DWS
Chemgold is the Australian distributor for new CAD technology from DWS

Chemgold introduces Australian first technology

Australian company Chemgold has been appointed to be the national distributor for exciting new stereo lithography technology created by Italian manufacturer DigitalWax Systems (DWS).
Chemgold will showcase the new CAD technology, which uses ‘DigitalWax’ lasers, at the upcoming Sydney International Jewellery Fair. The lasers emit ultraviolet rays that solidify a photosensitive resin layer upon layer, instead of real wax, which help to create complex and precise three-dimensional prototypes.

Chemgold director Larry Sher was excited with the distribution deal, and believed the technology was the best available.

"The technology is revolutionary, there is no technology that can compete with it in surface finish on the market,” he told Jeweller. “The product comes out so smooth, there are zero stepping lines with this technology. We're able to produce parts that are finer and more detailed than what the other technologies can do because they will crack and break.”

Larry and Darren Sher of Chemgold
Larry and Darren Sher of Chemgold
The deal with DWS makes Chemgold the exclusive distributor for the Italian manufacturer’s three CAD molding machines, which range in size and output capabilities. Sher said the speed of the machines is a big advantage over other CAD systems.

“There is a machine for every part of the jewellery industry, from small independent jewellers to chain stores looking to produce a lot quickly,” he said. “It's just mind-boggling, the speed outdoes the other technology as well. It can do the equivalent of, say, 70 Tiffany rings in nine hours.”

Sher said the deal with DWS came about after years of building a relationship with the company, and Chemgold was approached to be its distributor in the Australian market. He also said that the technology is not a recent invention, but it is the evolution of the technology and refinement of the process that make the latest additions world class.

“The technology has been around a while, it’s called Stereo lithography, but this has taken it to the next level,” he said. “The biggest advantage is the cost of the parts used, there are no waste materials, with other technologies there is a lot more post-processing.”

Sher added that using resin, instead of wax, made the DWS products a valuable tool for uniform jewellery production.

“Using DWS technology means that the CAD/CAM experience will never be smoother,” he said. “Jewellers can now experience a surface finish which is comparable to a hand carved or injected wax from a rubber mould, with perfect precision.”


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Great !
A very good kind of technology. It gives really good results. Hope it helps !
posted by Claudio Gussini on July 24, 2012 19:24

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