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Olympus Innov-x
Olympus Innov-x

Olympus Innov-x

A new portable precious metal analyser is brought to you by Olympus. 

Introducing The Olympus Innov-X GoldXpert Portable Countertop XRF Analyser, the evolution in portable XRF for precious metal analysis. It allows on-the-spot gold carat classification from 0–24 carats, accurate compositional analysis of platinum and silver and many more features.

Sydney Trade Fair stand O48.

Olympus Corporation is an international company operating in industrial, medical and consumer markets, specialising in optics, electronics and precision engineering.

More information: Olympus Innov-x

3 Acacia Place
Notting Hill
VIC, Australia, 3168
Phone: 1300 132 992

Sunday, 26 May, 2019 05:47pm
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