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Nils Rasmussen, director, BYMR
Nils Rasmussen, director, BYMR

Jarass embraces revolution

After more than 20 years operating as a watch distributor, Jarass has announced a major restructure of its corporate identity.
As part of the company’s bid to reinvent itself and the way it does business following the loss of Australia and New Zealand distribution rights of watch brand Skagen Denmark, Jarass will soon change its name, to be known as BYMR from September 1.

According to Jarass managing director Nils Rasmussen the name BYMR, short for ‘Blink and You’ll Miss The Revolution’, was chosen to reflect how quickly things can change in the jewellery and watch industry.

“We have turned the news of the loss of our key brand Skagen into a chance to refresh and reinvent our business,” Rasmussen said. “The change to our business in a short period of time has been extraordinary. The name is a nod to how quickly the status quo can change if you dare to challenge it, dare to dream of better.”

Rasmussen said BYMR is transforming itself into a multi branded business, having already added Braun, Gant and Rosendahl to its stable, with a fourth new line to be announced shortly.

“The process that began with Braun earlier this year will continue as we transform into a multi-brand business,” he said. “Our portfolio will be characterised by high quality, internationally recognised and uniquely positioned brands. We understand the watch market, and brands we launch will address the needs of retailers and allow them to build a watch business that stands out from the crowd.”

Rasmussen said the Braun brand had been building steadily since it was shipped into Australia in May. “Consumers are responding to the simple clean designs and great price points, and retailers are very interested in considering a brand which Jarass is behind, based on our success with Skagen.”

The Gant Time collection has been on the market since 2002, however the Gant brand itself has been building since 1949 since beginning as a shirt brand in America. Gant Time is currently sold in 25 countries and is proving quite successful in northern Europe.

Rosendahl is a Design company that has grown out of Danish homewares. It recently opened a distribution point in Hong Kong to launch into the Asia Pacific region after previously focusing on Europe.

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