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Rolex is suing watch restorers
Rolex is suing watch restorers


Rolex and Winston defend their brands

Rolex and Harry Winston have both proceeded to take legal action against companies they feel have damaged the value of their brands.
Watch giant Rolex is suing an American online, pre-owned watch retailer for allegedly breaching counterfeit laws., which according to its own website sells restored luxury wristwatches, including pre-owned men’s and women’s Rolex watches, is being sued by Rolex for using counterfeit parts in the restoration of its watches.

The Rolex lawsuit accuses of using counterfeit parts on its restored watches in a deliberate effort “to confuse and deceive the public”.

The Los Angeles Times reported in early August that Rolex is seeking an injunction to prohibit the Los Angeles-based online retailer from including counterfeit parts on Rolex watches or even from mentioning Rolex’s brand on its website.

Rolex is one of the most regularly targeted brands by counterfeiters, but is not the average business to be challenged by Rolex in this regard.

The online arm of Melrose Jewelers generated more than $10 million of revenue last financial year and is a member of both the Jewelers Vigilance Committee and the Gemological Institute of America. employs 70 staff and also sells Breitling, Cartier, Tag Heuer and Omega, along with custom diamond jewellery. president Krishan Agarwal told the Los Angeles Times the company planned to fight what be believed to be ridiculous allegations made in the lawsuit, adding he used jewellers to touch up paint and add diamonds to pre-owned watches but never to add counterfeit parts or trademarks. sells restored Rolex watches sells restored Rolex watches

"If you install after-market rims on a Ford Mustang, it doesn't mean it's not a Ford Mustang," he said. had been contacted for further comment by Jeweller but had not responded at the time of going to print.

In an unrelated matter, another big-name jewellery brand is currently locked in a trademark battle is Harry Winston, which has taken a Massachusetts jeweller to court over a clash of names.

Harry Winston has accused Matt Khatib of making his jewellery business’ name, M.K. Winston, in particular the design of the ‘W’ in the logo, of being too similar to the 80-year-old Harry Winston brand.

The M.K. Winston name is reportedly derived from a combination of Khatib’s initials and his wife’s grandfather, Winston K. Sherman.

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Thursday, 23 May, 2019 12:44pm
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