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Naomie Harris at the Skyfall premier wearing Jordan Askill's swallow necklace.
Naomie Harris at the Skyfall premier wearing Jordan Askill's swallow necklace.

UK’s Topshop chooses Australian jeweller

Fresh from the satisfaction of having a Bond girl wear one of his neckpieces to the premier of the latest 007 flick, Skyfall, one Australian jeweller is capitalising on his new-found global exposure
Australian-born, London-based jeweller Jordan Askill has teamed with UK fashion giant Topshop in what can be described as a coup for the designer. The leading fashion chain has chosen Askill as the designer for this season’s jewellery collaboration. 

Askill’s panther jewellery collection is something Topshop hopes will appeal to “cool girls” everywhere.

“I wanted to design classic, cute personal jewellery that could go with every look and feel. I wanted to add a sculptural element to bring the jewellery into the next dimension,” Askill says on the Topshop blog.

Australian designer jeweller, Jordan Askill
Australian designer jeweller, Jordan Askill
Topshop has more than 400 stores globally (300 in the UK) and two stores in Australia and thanks to the magic of the internet Topshop’s popularity extends to more than 100 countries through the company’s web-based sales and flagship stores in Chicago and New York.

Askill told Jeweller the relationship with Topshop began last year and he hoped the exposure in the retailer’s stores would lead to a wider audience understanding his work.

“My brand was first introduced to Topshop through its NewGen initiative, which I was lucky enough to be involved in.

“As a company, they are so focused on developing beautiful product that is true to the designer within their designer collaborations,” he said, explaining why the relationship was so important to him. 

“While doing this they create product that is affordable and reaches a wider audience.” 

In particular, the design that has captured the imagination of the company’s fashion heirarchy is Askill’s use of a panther head.

“The panther is a form I have worked with from my first season and it was a delicate, classic motif that I thought would be perfect for the youthful Topshop girl.

“It was important for me to create a more sculptural element to the pieces, reflective of my own brand. I find it important to complete my world with delicate universal symbols,” he said.

Jordan Askill
Jordan Askill's bold panther head bangle with detachable charms.
The panther head ring showcased through Topshop has a removable heart charm hanging from the panther’s mouth. The big cat features in a range of pieces including a charm bracelet and cuff.

“I love the panther head locket with detachable charms and hidden heart,” Askill admitted when speaking of his favourite item.

He said he liked working with brass as a medium because it: “has a strength I like, which was perfect for this project.”
After honing his talent at the Sydney Institute of Technology, Askill headed to Paris before launching his ground-breaking collection in 2010. He has won many awards for his designs including the Grand Marnier Design Award for Fashion Excellence.

For the future, Askill is not basking in his recent glory.

“We are working on some one-off pieces at the moment and establishing a stronger connection to fair trade gems and wildlife. I am also working on some film projects with my brothers, Daniel and Lorin.

Askill’s Topshop collection was launched in the UK and online in November and became available at the Topshop’s Sydney store last week. 


Closeup of Naomie Harris
Closeup of Naomie Harris' swallow neckpiece.
One of Jordan Askill
One of Jordan Askill's statement pieces.
Jordan Askill wearing his own piece.
Jordan Askill wearing his own piece.


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