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Expertise Events, Gary Fitz-Roy
Expertise Events, Gary Fitz-Roy

Buying groups give up tables at JAA fairs

Trading tables will no longer feature within buying groups’ booths during operating days at JAA Australian jewellery fairs after organisers reached an agreement with Showcase, Nationwide and Leading Edge.
Fair organiser Gary Fitz-Roy said the decision was made following much discussion and observation regarding the buying groups’ activities at the jewellery trade fairs.

Traditionally, trading tables have been situated within the groups’ exhibits and lounges and it was felt that it comprised the display from exhibitors on the fair’s floor. Reportedly, this caused confusion for visitors as suppliers could be in the buying groups’ area and not out on the main floor or vice-versa. 

In some cases suppliers exhibited on the main floor and had trading tables in more than one buying group area. 

Fitz-Roy told Jeweller that the new formula had a strong focus on the marketplace and would benefit suppliers and retailers. 

“There won’t be any distraction about which wholesalers or manufacturers aren’t on the show floor. Exhibitors will now get the full attention of the buying group buyers,” he said. 

“And if we talk about the visitors, they won’t get confused with someone being in a buying area but not out on the floor. Or being on the floor and also in the buying area.” 

The groups’ lounges will now act primarily as meeting places for members, providing refreshments and additional education. 

The formula was first implemented at the Melbourne jewellery fair and will have its second test in Brisbane next month. 

Traditionally, Showcase has had the largest number of trading tables but the new arrangement will mean Showcase will have two buying days on the Friday and Saturday before the Sydney International Jewellery Fair in September.  

Fitz-Roy believes the new arrangement will be a win-win for both parties. 

“The Showcase buying days were previously held off-site at the convention centre or at a hotel but it will now take place within their allocated lounge area in the exhibition hall before the fair opens. This will make it easier for those exhibitors doing both the buying days and the fair.

“We will then change the area around on the Saturday night so it becomes just a members’ lounge,” Fitz-Roy said.

According to Fitz-Roy, Nationwide and Leading Edge have also agreed to put more emphasis on the fair and less about their own trading. 

Furthermore, Fitz-Roy said Nationwide Jewellers had reduced its number of trading tables over the years and the new agreement permits it only to exhibit exclusive suppliers, like Tolkowsky, in its Sydney jewellery fair lounge.

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